My name is Dr. Michael jo Huwe, I am the creator of Obsessed Minerals and Mykelle Jo Beaute Products. 
I have always been a serious makeup lover and started buying eye colors when I was in junior high to experiment with. As I grew older and researched cosmetics I was amazed at all the ingredients in my favorite products that made the cosmetic high risk list. As a Chiropractor by trade I became interested in healthy alternatives in makeup choices. 
I began formulating eye shadow in my kitchen with mineral ingredients without known toxins. As friends and family tried my inital products they soon began requesting more items, leading me to create an entire line of glamorous cosmetics focusing on intensity, purity, and application. I then became "obsessed" with creating unique colors and formulations to please my customers. 
It has been my pleasure creating products for fashion shows, celebrities, makeup artists, magazines, film, and the public. 
I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy knowing the secret to looking and feeling like a million!
Manufactured: McDonald, PA USA