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I am the creator of Obsessed Minerals, my name is Michael Huwe. I am the mother of three beautiful children and a Chiropractor.
I guess it's my Chiropractic Medicine background that gave me an interest in healthy alternatives in makeup choices. Mineral makeup has been marketed in my favorite stores, Sephora and Ulta. However, the prices have always been incredibly high for small quantities. I loved the intense colors of some of the better quality mineral pigment eyeshadows and began a mission to aquire as many colors as possible. It didn't take long for me to realize that the bigger companies; MAC and Makeup Forever, not only charged anywhere from $18 to $20 each for a 10 gram container, but they had a small selection! So, I began researching the contents of these products and have come up with a great formula with less fillers and incredibly brilliant colors!
Soon, I became consumed with making as many colors that were unique and unusual, yet beautiful! Iridescence have become my passion....colors that appear to be a solid color, yet once put on became another color in different lighting!
I strive to bring those incredible colors to you for less than the above mentioned companies....not only bring them to you, but allow you the potential to make money with my products as well.
Thanks for being interested and/or obsessed with mineral makeup!


Manufactured: McDonald, PA USA